This week I have finally caught up with all my holiday spending, found a little money and decided to look at upgrading my iPhone. That was supposed to be my little Christmas present to myself. So these are some of my thoughts on the many different options Apple bombards you with. Sometimes I think that Apple is working with the concept, “If you can’t convince then, confuse them”:


For those of you who are still rocking the iPhone 4S, rest assured you have made the right decision.

Oooh! Look at all the Perty Colors!

The holidays have come and gone, there are huge discounts to be had on the current iPhone line and there are 2 iPhones I could choose from this time around and so many colors too! Oooh… look at all the colors! You fell for that right?

I could even just trade in my old phone for free and walk out with a new one thanks to the new trade in program Apple is offering. With all these options this should be a no-brainer, right? Not exactly.

“Confuse them with color”

Yes, I am very familiar with the specs of the 5S over the 5C and even the 4S. The 5S has a 4-inch Retina Display screen running at 1136×640 pixels. The iPhone 5S’s Apple A7 processor is, according to Apple, about 40% faster than the A6 processor in the 5C. The A7 is also 64-bit, meaning it can process more data in the same amount of time as the 32-bit A6. The camera has a number of other improvements, including slow-motion video recording, dual-flash for better color fidelity, automatic image stabilization, and more. The phone also now has an integrated fingerprint scanner built into the Home button. The new chip works with the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope in the 5S to enable all new kinds of sports, fitness, and physically aware apps.

Nothing Beats the Feel of a Naked iPhone 4 (4S)

But when I pick up a new iPhone 5S the only thing I really notice is that it has a slightly larger screen, is noticeably lighter and the brushed metal back is no longer “Caress-able”.  It does not have the same quality feel of previous iPhones. Have you ever rubbed an iPhone 4S (or 4) through your hands? It’s very tough to bend, break or damage. The smooth tempered glass just feels so elegant. There is nothing like the feel of a naked iPhone 4S (or 4) in your hands.

I cringe to even mention the 5C with it’s cheap plastic. DON’T try to sell me on that!

iPhone 5C vs the 4S

Those cheap plastic iPhone 5C’s and the iconic 4S phones are so close in specs and price it can be hard to differentiate the two. In my opinion if you have a 4S with 8GB of memory it may be worth it to upgrade if you can’t wait to get your hands on a newer iPhone. A 4S with 16GB of memory as opposed to a 5C with 16GB… odds are I would stick with the 4S and wait for the 6 in June. Enjoy your 4S while it’s still supported. Thinking back, I miss my iPhone 3S and wish I had kept it as long as possible.

And Here is What I am Going For:

333520-iphone-6I am waiting for a new iPhone 6. Until the 6 is released I can’t really make a good decision on what phone I will go with. Remember, a typical person will upgrade their phone every year which can get expensive. A person who has been using iPhones for many, many years will upgrade every 2 years so waiting to see what the next phone offers is VERY important. It could add a year or even 2 to your phones useful life.

The 5S has some serious hardware that will easily work well with any future IOS upgrades so the investment in a 5S is a good one. The 5C not so much. But it’s always best to check out the latest model which will be due out in (supposedly) June 2014. More than likely it will be a little later, maybe even in September. Apple has a habit of teasing early release dates.

The new iPhone 6 may have a larger screen and make it more like a phablet. If so, I am definitely getting a 6. Of course, Apple also has a bad habit of doubling the tech specs with an upgraded “S” version usually 6 months later. This would mean that must have phone would have a new, more powerful version just in time for Christmas 2014. But I do have to wait until the 6 is released until I make my decision as to what I want to upgrade to.

So, with so many options, have you already upgraded? If not, what are you waiting for?

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