Another year has come and gone and this is year #14 for the blog! Yes, I feel old!!!! Not too many 14 year old blogs out there…

So now it’s time to check the yearly stats but not before I refresh myself on what happened in 2012 which was also a “pretty good year”.

Here are the blogs traffic stats for 2013 followed by stats for 2012. Every category is up and although I have been limiting my blogging to once a week, usually Sundays, it looks like this year that strategy has paid off.

2013 Stats…

2013 Stats2012 Stats…

2012 Stats

Unique Visitors up 89%! Thank You Whoever You Are!

Unique visitors were up 89% over last year, visits were up 46%, pages up 15%, hits were up 41% and Bandwidth???… My web host sent me a message I almost went over for the year and that has never happened. 

There were numerous struggles this year for myself personally and the blog probably reflected that. One of the changes I had made early on last year was to gear many of the blog postings towards small business’s. That seems to have paid off and traffic is up BIG TIME!

Additionally, I have been limiting myself to one posting a week as time has gotten scarcer and scarcer. That just means I have quite a few projects on my plate and I’m juggling quite a bit. This year I hope to focus more on just 1 or two projects. I also try not to document the work I do with my clients so that will restrict me to generic topics concerning social media, technology, and what new tools are working for me. Although I am considering picking up a project that I can specifically blog about, it has to be an interesting one.

Again… Thank You All for Visiting

I have to thank everyone for visiting the blog, especially all the new visitors. This year I will stay on track with the social media and tech postings but I’m impressing myself with the photography skills and I may post a ton of royalty free pictures here this year. Of course it’s still my personal blog so anything goes!

Have a great New Year Everyone! Thanks for visiting!


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