When Your Favorite Blogs Disappear, it Feels Like Losing a Friend

If you’re a longtime internet user like myself you may have come across this feeling. In the early days of blogging many of us old school bloggers would start up our own personal blogs, setup an RSS feed that readers, mostly other bloggers, could subscribe to and whenever something new was posted we would read each others posts and comment in each others comment sections. Blogs were the pre-cursor to social media. Believe me, social media was not something that started with AOL or MySpace, or even Facebook. Bloggers had the original social media platforms.

Today I was cleaning out my RSS reader. Back in the early days (2005) Google Reader was the new kid on the block and through Google Reader you could subscribe to hundreds, if not thousands of blogs. When something new was posted you would see it in your reader program. It was a great way to keep on top of your favorite bloggers. Today my reader program is feedly. The concept of following a blog has not changed and I still get notifications from all the blogs I have subscribed to over the years but the amount of bloggers who do it this way is diminishing.

Every year around the beginning of the year I go into my RSS reader and clean a few inactive blogs out, reorganize them into categories and such. This time around, when updating my feed subscriptions, I noticed a blog that I loved to follow a few years ago had not posted anything new in quite a while. 16 months in fact. When visiting this blog it had all but disappeared, left behind in its wake were a few social media channels, twitter, youtube and a tumblr, that were all found through a Google search but were no longer updated. Sadly, a person who had been documenting their exciting life and their quest to enter the media industry in NY seemed to have disappeared but more than likely this blogger may have found their calling in life, or that dream job they were after. Whatever happened, the fact that this blogger was no longer around on the web left an empty feeling similar to losing a friend.

Finding these types of old school bloggers seems to be becoming rarer and rarer. The new blogging concept is for everyone to post whatever they can to Facebook, twitter or Instagram with no thought going into how a person markets themselves. I refer to these users as micro bloggers yet they don’t seem to know it nor understand the concept.

Google+ seems to be the platform that all those former bloggers are now gravitating to, including the original MySpace Tom who is still somewhat active on Google+. Others longtime follows of mine are Lamarr Wilson, Chris Pirillo, and iJustine. Unless you make it big, longevity on the web can be an elusive goal but it’s telling to see that many of them have adopted Google+ as their primary social media platform in addition to their own blogs.

So that’s where I find myself this morning, ranting about losing another old school blog, cleaning up my RSS Feeds and reorganizing my G+ circles. Time marches on and change is inevitable but it’s still sad to see old friends disappear. I wish them all luck!


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