Will Google+ Replace my Daily Blogging?

Yes, I laughed at that question. It’s been a few years since I did some daily blogging, but if I DID decide to go back to daily blogging, would I?

I’ve thought about it but never seem to get around to it. Google+ has made it entirely too easy to use as a daily blog platform making this, my original blog, a weekly publication. Why bloggers will use G+ on a daily basis isn’t really hard to figure out but will the ease of use of G+ be enough to get people to use it on a daily basis? If content creators start using the platform on a daily basis expect the G+ platform to shoot up real quick.

It’s the Picture Syncing!

By default the G+ app syncs my pictures wirelessly with Google+ which means that all I have to do is press, “View & Share” (as pictured), pick the picture I want to share, write a caption and then share with my circles. It’s that easy and it could be the “killer” feature that causes content creators to choose the Google+ platform over others. We use the term Killer feature loosely since every platform has one and no one has killed off anyone else yet.

It’s For Daily Updates

Yes, every morning I would go grab a coffee and say Hello to my “Tweeps” and I still do but I find that more and more I’m going to G+ to see “What’s Hot”, the G+ answer to twitter trends (Which begs the question, why is Lindsey Sterling always trending on G+?).  G+ Trending Topics never seem to match up with Twitter Trending Topics but just the same I check them both every morning to see what people are talking about. Sorry Mainstream Media, we don’t have time for your commercials!

And I am seeing many more people become more and more active on G+. Could be the fact that Google is forcing content into it by kinda, sorta merging the comments of G+ and YouTube. Don’t get me started on that topic. I’m not a fan of seeing YouTube crap in my nice clean G+ timelines. It took me a long time to develop my circles. The Rando circle is getting a little out of hand.

It’s For Hangouts

Sorry, I’m still not used to people popping in on me for video hangouts at 4am. I thought I was the only one up working! Ok, I wasn’t working this morning when I was watching YouTube videos, an old made for TV movie about Anastasia Romanov, the last Russian Princess. At 3 hours long that put me right to sleep. Kinda creepy that Google can now watch you drift off to sleep in a hangout with other bloggers who can’t get to sleep. I see a pattern. I’m off topic…

It’s for Chats???

The Chat functionality now feels like just another thread on G+. How the heck do I know when people are no longer available? It’s next to impossible to have a decent chat on G+. I still end up on Gmail chat since I can tell when people are online, offline, busy, etc. I can even see when they are typing. Google+ needs to bring that chat functionality back.

It’s Really for Pictures

And yes, I take a LOT of Pictures! All content creators do so Google+ is going to continue to draw in content creators. As of now G+ is the biggest photography platform on the planet. That is until WordPress comes out with a similar plugin that automatically uploads your photo’s to your blog, puts them in a blog post , formats it and all you have to do is add some text. Until then, seems like more people might be like me and use Google+ on a daily basis and leaving the blogging for the weekends.

I feel a blogging marathon coming on!

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