If you haven’t upgraded all the software on your MAC to the latest versions of everything, here is a little rundown. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the Apple world and I am not liking the dumbing down of some of their software. I can understand why they are dumbing it down but there are still power users like myself that really were using some of the more advanced features in iWork. Enough of my complaining though. Here’s a breakdown of Apple upgrades this week  and what I think about them…

OSX Maverick – (hit)

I upgraded, didn’t really notice anything new except for the slicker login screen, the dock is cleaner and the addition of a few new and upgraded Apple apps. Most of the Mavericks upgrade was supposed to bring users longer battery life through decreased power consumption. But there were a few other upgrades:

Updated: Notepad and Reminders have been revamped slightly. I still prefer to use Evernote and Wunderlist but if the new business model is for Apple to cater to a dumbed down market, they were smart to upgrade these two programs. Notepad has a new look and feel, Reminders has a new icon. Didn’t really notice an upgrade on Reminders but it does seem to have a slight refreshed look to it.

Additions: iBooks and Maps. Interesting additions considering most Apple users may be using iBooks and Maps on a mobile device. Why bring it to the desktop is beyond me, these are not desktop programs. Scratch that, no one is using Maps on an IOS device either. (Sarcasm)

iWork – (Big miss)

I am a huge fan of iWorks (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) ! Great value for the money. This time I would suggest avoiding the upgrade. iMovie and Pages have both been downgraded to glorified IOS Apps. Thankfully I don’t use iPhoto since I use Aperture to manage multiple libraries but the downgrade to iMovie was disappointing. Probably the one reason I got into the MAC ecosystem in the first place. I don’t use Garageband, Numbers or Keynote (Much), I use iMovie to exclusively handle my video library. Seems that I can no longer manage projects through iMovie, this may force me to upgrade to Final Cut Pro. Luckily there is a 30-Day trial here…

IOS7.0.3 – (Recommend Upgrade)

iOS 7.0.3 includes a number of tweaks, from adding an iCloud Keychain and a Safari Password Generator to fixing accelerometer calibration bugs and another flaw that could allow strangers to bypass the Lock Screen passcode. You can find all the details regarding IOS 7.0.3 here…

Safari – (Pleasantly Surprised)

Ok, I seem to jumping from browser to browser but I have been using Safari again for the last 5 days. Safari’s upgrades bring some visual tweaks, a slew of performance and power efficiency enhancements, and Apple’s all-new integrated password manager, iCloud Keychain. Safari is also addressing security concerns by blocking plugins from running, which you can enable on a site by site basis, and a revamped top sites and sidebar screen that allows you access to quite a bit of information. Overall, I was was pleasantly surprised by the Safari upgrade. It seems to be tailored to power users, especially with the large library of extensions.

Upgrade to OSX Mavericks. It’s free. Avoid the iWork upgrade if you are a power user. Check out Safari and upgrade your IOS software on both iPhones and iPads. That’s my best advice this week.


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