This was a very busy week in Social Media, from the release of IOS7, 2 new iPhones to some YouTube Issues I am monitoring, this maybe my favorite update yet! And we’ll go over this weeks hashtags…

IOS7 – the Update that Makes Your Old Phone New Again

IOS7 is a major hit in my book. I will admit when I first saw it I immediately wanted IOS6 back but after using the new OS I am very impressed. The look and feel is very different, especially with all the graphics being so much flatter but with all the graphics being flattened out my 4S is running so much better! No more heavy graphics to be rendered by the processor and now your phone can do what it’s meant to do, get you to your apps quickly.

Most Interesting new feature: How to find Spotlight. You used to just press the home button once. Now you just swipe down from anywhere in the home screen. It took me a while to find.

Throughout all my travels this week I found an excellent running list of major IOS7 app updates that were made. That list can be found at the iDownLoad Blog here.

New iPhones for the Haves & Have Nots

Class war begins now! You know what I mean. There will be those with the Gold iPhone 5S that have no clue what do with it. It will effectively be a very expensive pager. The people who are actually talented enough to take advantage of the iPhone 5S may not be able to get one which is a shame. Profits be damned, there should be an IQ test for the Gold iPhone! That way qualified people will actually get one, not the 1%.

Of course, for the first time Apple has decided to offer a low-end iPhone for the masses. Considering the economy and that most Americans are falling below the poverty level, this is a good move. This phone has the same OS but will not be able to collect your biometric data with the fingerprint login and the camera does not have the slow mo video feature every video blogger will want. Other than that, Apple has done a great job with marketing a plastic iPhone as rugged and just as good as their previous metal versions. The Apple fans will fall for this and buy it anyway.

YouTube Truther Issues

Independent Journalists on YouTube, AKA Truthers, are being systematically eliminated from YouTube. I follow quite a few of these truthers and have them listed along the right hand side of my YouTube channel. The latest one is a gentleman I am following who is documenting the economic collapse of Southern California and I’m glad he is because I once considered moving there. Not so much now. This Truthers original channel was deleted. Thanks to twitter I was able to pick up his new channel…

Favorite Hashtags this Week

And this week, like every week,  I followed the buzz on social media and it took me right to the 2 Year Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Here is a group of people who use social media correctly. Hashtags like #S17, #OWS #RobinHoodTax were trending all day on September 17th alongside the hashtags of the day like #Apple #IOS7 and #iPhone5s.

So that’s my update for the week. It’s Sunday! Time to get out and enjoy!

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