It’s Sunday! Here is Some More Noise for the Internet…

As a long time blogger who has watched the internet grow, expand and explode into what we see today a bloggers only advantage over most every other internet marketer, digital marketer or whatever you want to call us, is the fact we can stay focused while applying the rules of the old web: Focus on Content: Content is king!

While Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Constant Contact, Mail-chimp and soon Instagram are putting some powerful marketing tools within reach of every business both big and small, the sad reality is that there is more and more noise being created. The more noise being created the harder it will get to reach your audience.

Everyone wants to be everywhere and all want to have the largest following. Keeping up with the Jones’s is alive and well on the internet. Even Internet Marketers like to compete with each other on numbers. Who has more “Likes”, how many people are “Talking About This”, How many twitter followers do you have, how big is your email list… yada yada yada… you get the idea. These numbers are just a guide, not a goal. Content is king and if the business you are marketing is not walking the walk of a solid business then the best Social Media campaign in the world is not going to help. It may even backfire.

Lately I find I have been working just as hard on creating events that are buzz worthy because that is what is really driving social media. At the same time you must have a solid business to work with because as we all know, It’s not what you post but making sure what you do in your business is buzz worthy. Your social media tools are just that, tools to get the word out about what you are doing.

What’s The Difference Between Buzz and Noise?

Noise is “Like My Page”, “Look at this cute Kitten”, “it’s throwback Thursday”, or any post that is not passing along valuable information about your business to your customers.

“Buzz” is getting the word about what you are doing in your business without being narcissistic.  It’s a fine line to walk! The social media world (People) will decide if what you are posting is buzzworthy or not.

How Do You Get Above the Noise?

Good question. How do you get heard in a loud bar by a single individual? Probably go right up and speak directly into a persons ear. Tagging people or hash-tagging on Facebook, hash-tagging or @Messaging someone on twitter, curating large circles on Google+ (because you can email people in your circles), Mailchimp has been working overtime to get big data into the hands of email marketers with segmented lists and the ability to target VIP’s… Of course all the big guys are now offering Ad Campaigns… Google, Facebook and now Twitter. Instagram will soon follow… A well targeted campaign will get you above the noise.

I didn’t say it was easy… no blogger ever will. These social media marketing tools are all mostly free but you will have to invest the resources into getting the most out of them. And if the tools are not working you move on to what does. That may even mean developing tools of your own if you have the ability.

Start Focusing on Mobile

I can’t state this enough! With Apple for the first time now offering a low end model iPhone for the masses you are going to find that everyone will eventually have a smart phone in their hands. If you are doing email marketing think “Mobile-Friendly” templates. Mail-chimp is awesome at this, Constant Contact not so much but they have some usable options

Is you website Responsive or Mobile? If your still running flash on your website then you are losing 40% of the your visitors who use mobile devices to access the web. If your running flash then your customers are pulling up blank screens on their iPhones. I thought I talked mobile vs responsive in a previous posting. I guess not. I will have to revisit that topic because the 2 options are totally different tools…

All these tools, if used correctly can get you above the noise. Of course you need a driver and those people are next to impossible to find. Many are just happily going about their daily blogging. ;)

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