What’s Up ATT? Why U No Give ME Unlimited Data Like I Pay 4?

I finally got it! After being grandfathered on the ATT Unlimited plan for the last 6 years I got the dreaded, “You’ve reached your 3GB limit, slow down” text from ATT. OK, I may have been using my iPhone for streaming video music over the cars system to save me from buying music from iTunes. I guess I should just shell out the $.99 to buy the songs I like. Or I could just jump to T-Mobile like everyone else and save a ton of money. You’ve been warned ATT!

Where Did The Summer Go!?!

Summer’s always go fast. Time flies when you are having fun. I worked most of the Summer and enjoyed doing it too. Not many can say that. Here’s some of what I am working on…

I’m developing 2 apps. Without going into too much detail, 1 app I will be working to develop with a local company in the Tri-State Area. The developer lives in the same area as me so there will be plenty of opportunities to do some tech projects together. This developer is very open to having his projects blogged about.

I have a 2nd app developer that works directly with Apple helping to design a proprietary app, something along the line of a Chipolte App or Noodles & Company app.

I’m upgrading every campaign I’m working on to make sure all my marketing is mobile optimized. This is a tough one but one that I have been working on all summer. Make sure the work you do is mobile optimized. Your clients may not understand what you’re doing but they will be pleased with the results.

I have one MAJOR website upgrade in progress. I’m looking at 180 hours for that one so I may disappear over the holidays.

I’m taking on 1 more smaller type B client. A type B is someone who only needs basic marketing and social media support. No website or app developing.

As always, I donate almost 40% of my free time to non-paying projects. This could be anything from web research, blogging, covering local events and even protesting. Yes, You have to have that balance in life. It’s not all work and no play.

So that’s this weeks update. It’s been a very busy Summer! Check me out on twitter @DVDaniels where I am constantly chatting it up throughout the week.

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