In the past I have written about cord cutters, the dying mainstream media and the correlation between the two. If you’re still using the dying, dinosaur mainstream media, stop immediately!

Become informed by using alternative media. What is mainstream media? It’s anything you see on the boob tube or printed media, or what is commonly called TV or Newspapers.

Today I will leave some notes on what I am using in place of the Dinosaur, Mainstream Media:

Twitter – here you will be able to follow actual trends of what actual people are talking about all over the world. You do follow Twitter Trends right? Every blogger and journalist follows these trends instead of the heavily edited government news you currently watch. FREE (But you will have to learn twitter lingo). Twitter is my go to source for everything social media and tech news.

YouTube – Every Vlogger (Video Blogger) on the planet maintains a YouTube channel here. If you have favorite bloggers out there, chances are they may maintain a YouTube channel too. YouTube will also suggest channels based on your viewing preferences. So go check them out! FREE (But you may have to watch ads). I have a channel but by no means consider myself a Vlogger. That takes some serious video editing skills. Props to the Vloggers out there! – with an audience bigger than CNN and MSNBC combined, PrisonPlanet is fast becoming the go-to source for alternative, real news. With a Google pagerank of 6 they are legitimately bigger than most mainstream media outlets. will also make you think about the world news around you, make you question mainstream media and they back up all of their research with their source material on Google, something mainstream media will not do. At $5.95 a month this is a great buy. You can also try them out for 15 days for free.

Hulu – looking to watch movies and keep up with your favorite shows online? You can do all that here and even rediscover some of your favorite shows from your childhood. I find myself watching lots of Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise and Deep Space Nine episodes. The price for a Hulu subscription is significantly cheaper than following my favorite TV shows on iTunes. A TV episode on iTunes can cost me $1.99 Ad free. I can follow so much more with my Hulu subscription… but I do have to suffer through a few ads. I highly recommend! For those of you cutting the cord that would still like to watch movies or keep up with your favorite TV shows, Hulu is a great tool for that.

In a nutshell, I no longer pay for cable TV. TV is a huge time waster and the internet or my social media network will forward most of what I am interested in anyway. So those are just some tips for cutting the cord. You will be a much more informed, connected and balanced person for doing it. Leave your awesome cord cutting tips in the comments below.

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