Usually I cover app reviews, social media tips and tricks or general tech knowledge I have acquired throughout the week but this week I really didn’t have much to report. So, to change things up a little I decided to write about a WordPress plug-in. If you’re not running a WordPress blog you can leave now or better yet, stick around and check out some of the related articles. If you are WordPress developer or use WordPress for your own blog you might find this little bit of information interesting.

ALMAR: A WordPress Plugin That Will Theme Your Admin Dashboard

I have never found any reason to theme my WordPress dashboard. When I have tried to  theme my dashboard in the past an admin theme would usually slow down the blog significantly. I have tested this WordPress plug-in and it doesn’t really affect the blog at all. The theme kind of looks like a Google theme. The Almar plug-in will also theme your login screen which is pretty cool.

Just like any WordPress plug-in the Almar plug-in is very easy to install. Just do a search for the Almar WordPress plug-in, click install and then follow the prompts. Once installed it will change out the theme of your administration panel very quickly. This plug-in will not affect the theme on your website.

So that’s this weeks tip… check out this free plug-in by or just do a search for Almar in the WordPress plug-in directory.


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