First Twitter, then Yelp and now FourSquare is attempting to monetize their platform. As of today, for a minimum of $50 a month you can now place ads on FourSquare. The minimum bid to reach a visitor is $1.00. That means with a $50 budget you will reach 50 people a month. Here’s the catch… you will only be charged if the person who saw your ad actually checks in! Brilliant!

The service is very basic and just opened up to a limited number of business’s and it’s very easy to set up.

Here is how you build your ad:

FourSquare Ads


Here’s how the pricing works:


This may seem pretty darn expensive for a small business but I have spent $250 easily to put ads in newspapers that get no response. That same $250 would guarantee me 250 checkins!

Anyway, a $1 bid was the lowest I could go. FourSquare recommended a bid of at least $1.75. At that rate you would go through that $50 budget fairly quickly. Of course, in order for you to get charged that rate the person who saw your Ad would also have to check-in so technically you are paying for actual customers who walk through your door.

Unlike Facebook Ads… This may be something to look at! What do you guys think?

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