Every week I go through my notes to see if there is something useful to post on the Blog. This week nothing really screamed “POST ME!!” But I did notice the huge upgrade to the program I use to help organize all my notes so here is this weeks posting…

Evernote Gets Huge Upgrades Across the Board!

Evernote UpgradeIf you are a heavy computer and internet user you are probably already familiar with Evernote. If not, you need to check out the Evernote app made by a company that has a 100 year business plan. Here are some of the new features they added this week and the upgrades seem to be to all there apps to every device across the board:

  • Evernote has added Shortcuts to your IOS device. This means the shortcuts you have on the desktop app are now available on your phone. Definitely nice to be able to find my notes the same way I would on the desktop.
  • Skitch integration is awesome! I can now annotate notes and when they are saved they are automatically saved in the note I was working in. In the past I would drag the updated note to Evernote. Now that has been eliminated.
  • As a premium user I love the related notes. It helps to be able to find notes with similar information and this function has already saved me time by not duplicating a note that has already been put together.
  • Announcements! Although I follow the Evernote blog on my RSS reader, having the blog right in the app under announcements is huge! With one click I can check for the latest tips. I find I’m checking this almost daily.

So I hope everyone is using Evernote. This is not a plug but this app gets better every day and I find the premium version is indispensable!

Get Evernote here – It’s Free!

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