Ever get frustrated with Marketing on Facebook? You post a picture and it reaches tons of people but when you post a link back to your website only your most loyal followers see it? If that!

How are you supposed to build your brand when you cannot get anyone out of Facebook? Oh, of course you can get more people to see your website links but you will have to pay for that! Sorry, Facebook, it doesn’t work that way. If I cannot reach my fans I’m moving along. So are many other businesses.

Use My Triple Combo – Twitter, Google+ and your Blog

You are blogging right? You are using your website as home base for all your content right? If you are you’re well ahead of the game. If you’re not your just wasting your time.

Facebook posts last approximately 4 hours. After that the odds of anyone seeing your post go down significantly. If you’re a Facebook page admin you may try to set it up like a website but it just doesn’t have the staying power. Twitter postings may last about an hour, that’s it. Twitter was made for real-time posting of real information so don’t expect any tweets you plan on sending to go viral anytime soon. Twitter is more like a breadcrumb trail leading people back to key points on your blog or website.

Google+ is the best way to get your blog postings indexed on Google and may help your Google Rankings. I encourage everyone to get their blog posts on Google+ but under no circumstances should you host a blog on Google. Yes, Google would love to control your whole online experience but there are benefits to making sure all your eggs are not in one Google basket.

Also, Make sure you are publishing a feed for your blog, you have a way for subscribers to signup via email and you broadcast all your content on all your social media platforms. Eventually you will train everyone to go back to your blog as your homebase for your content creation.

Oh Yeah, YouTube! Can’t forget that. It may seem intimidating but try it. You may find it fun!

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