I’m just picking apart an interesting conversation I was having last night. I’m talking to quite a few people who are considering or have already switched to a “Samsung” phone. These same people are asking me how to customize their phones so they can be as easy to use as the iPhone. Really??? You buy a Samsung phone because you can customize to be like an iPhone? I know the phones are a little cheaper and are now flooding the market but come on now… What are you getting yourself into??

Why Google Has Trouble Innovating in Mobile

Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, would be rolling in his grave right about now. He considered Android a stolen operating system. There is a long story behind this that I won’t go into now but you can read about that here…  In essence, Google will have a hard time innovating in the future because of all the Apple Patents that Apple is protecting in court and they defend their patents religiously.

In the early years of the iPhone, Google and Apple shared board members. When the iPhone came out in 2007 Google started developing their own mobile OS which was eerily similar and may have been based on information Google had access to when on Apple’s board. A year later, 2008, Google comes out with its first phone to compete with the iPhone. Talk about not being able to innovate! Interestingly, Apple kept Google in the dark about the iPad and Google was really late to the game when it came to tablets.

Google is Now Having Problems With Samsung

The current theory is that Samsung Phones are the new trendy gadget that runs Android which is way better than whatever the iPhone is running. To be clear to Samsung users, you are using a “SAMSUNG” phone that runs “Android”, not an “Android” phone and there is a difference.

At the last Samsung event, when they introduced the G4, there was no mention of Google or Android by Samsung. There seems to be some tension between Samsung & Google. Rumor has it Samsung will most likely Fork Android, meaning they will just customize Android for their own purposes and Google totally loses control of its operating system.

Google owns Motorola, this would be the only company that could produce a truly “Android” phone that could compete with the iPhone. They haven’t been able to produce a phone comparable to the iPhone yet. As Samsung becomes more successful, and becomes more ambitious it’s only going to feel empowered to bump more Google services. You will continue to get most of your Google Services on an iPhone but will you get them on a Samsung in the near future?

If Google loses control of the Android platform on Samsung phones this temporary successful run of Samsung phones may come to a halt. Same with Google’s Android. As a team they could well overtake Apple in the mobile phone industry like they are doing now but I see rough times ahead when these two inevitably go their separate ways.

So who’s still going to get an Android/Samsung phone and why?

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