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Ever since the first iPhone came out in the summer of 2007, every summer thereafter rumors have run rampant about what Apple will produce in its next round of updates. This year Rumors have run rampant about a bigger iPhone, cheaper iPhone, plastic iPhone, iPhone in colors, iOS 7, iWatch, and more but now I’m hearing Apple could be experiencing production delays across the board on all these new products.

According to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, who recently visited Apple’s Asian suppliers, the rumored iPhone 5S will most likely be delayed. It’s previously been said that the device would hit stores by July. Misek also said that the possible low-cost iPhone launch could be pushed to this year’s fourth quarter and an iPhone 6 probably wouldn’t come out until 2014.

“iPhone 5S is having pre-production issues with mass production at least a month or more away. This combined with the publicly discussed delay of iOS 7 puts a July availability at risk,” Misek said, according to StreetInsider. “We continue to believe there is almost no chance the iPhone 6 launches in CY13 due to supply chain issues.”

Should you Upgrade Now or Wait?

Many people are wondering if they should update their phones now or wait for the next generation of gadgets to get here. My best advice has always been to stay a generation behind, especially if you are sticking with Apple. It’s cost-effective and you avoid the early bugs of first generation upgrades.

An iPhone 5S will be a great upgrade, the 6 you may want to hold back on until all the bugs are worked out. The typical user will not benefit from an upgrade unless you count the temporary ego boost of having the latest gadget as a benefit.

Of course, Apple’s ease of use, huge library of apps and incredibly secure operating system are all good reasons why Apple has remained the industry leader of the mobile phone era and that’;s why you will want tot stick with one. The iPhones hardware is comparable to most phones out there but again, the average user won’t get full use out of the phone anyway. iPhone’s were originally were meant for bloggers, journalists, even business owners looking to run their entire business off a mobile device. I think it’s still too much raw power for the average user, especially a user who only uses Facebook or Instagram.

I hear a lot of talk About People Moving Away from iPhones

Yes, lot’s of people are looking at getting their hands on a Samsung phone this year which I talk about in my last posting. There is a surge in interest in the Samsung SIII, the upcoming S4 and the Galaxy Nexus. The build quality is not nearly as good as your typical iPhone but the hardware is comparable. As for the OS, Android has come very far over the last few years but still can’t get myself to jump ship. As a high-end, high quality, high volume content producer I would have problems moving to an unsupported OS.

So… my opinion, based on 5 years of experience with Apple, is that you will see all these new gadgets sometime in October and just in time for Christmas. If you can wait that long, the smart choice is to stick with the industry leader.

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