This year the blog is approaching it’s 13th Birthday. 13 YEARS! That’s a long time! Longer than any of the Social Media networks have been around. I remember the early days of blogging. Blogs had no competition and bloggers like myself had plenty of readers. We we’re able to pick a topic that we were passionate about and just start writing. We rarely talked about ourselves and had amazing conversations online. The only metric we were looking at was how many subscribers we had to our feed or email list.

Then Social Media came along. People started using social media to collect “Friends” “Fans” and “Followers”. The more friends they had the more popular they “seemed” to be. I had people looking me up from way back in grade school to help pad their numbers. “Dude! Remember me! We slapped Hi-Five in the delivery room!” It was getting ridiculous for a while there, asking people how they knew me and me banging my head trying to remember if I actually knew a person. Eventually Facebook came up with the Subscriber option allowing me to add people who I did not know in real life to subscribe to me. For me that was huge.

Even though Social Media users did not have much to say or just posted updates on what was going on in their life, the age of Social Media bought about a new form of blogger… the Narcissistic Micro Blogger… constant updates of what people were doing, eating and planning. Reminds me a little of twitter too but at least you could find interesting content being posted to twitter from celebrities and blogs. Facebook didn’t have much celebrity action at all in comparison.

Now don’t get me wrong, Facebook has its place, satisfying the urges of narcissists to over share every detail of their lives. I know I’ve done that a few times over the years… but thanks largely to Google+, I have gotten back to that place where I can blog about my favorite topics again without feeling the need to be narcissistic.

Even though many bloggers are still pumping their content into Facebook to gain a broader readership base, Google+ is gaining momentum among the blogosphere, a fact that I confirmed when checking out an article on LifeHacker called “What’s your Social Network of Choice”. Google+ won in a landslide despite the fact the odds were stacked against it because there was no share button on Google+.

Google+ is turning into a community of bloggers, tech enthusiasts, writers, content producers… narcissistic posts don’t make it far on Google+. You’d better be sharing some valuable information or you will quickly become irrelevant.

So, in a nutshell… I’m am totally in love with Google+. Content is now king again and the only thing keeping people around on Facebook is because everyone else is there. I feel like I know a way better place to hang out, but still go to the same crappy place because that’s where everyone else keeps going. That’s Facebook….

If you would like to experience that old school, non-narcissistic internet feeling, Find me on G+…

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  1. Sean Andrews November 12, 2013 at 8:15 AM


    I love this article. And I love the fact that you don’t even have a Facebook share button among the share buttons at the bottom. Rock on.

    I have been on and off Facebook so many times it would make a person’s head spin. The only reason I am on it (read: the only reason I keep coming back to it) is because, like you said, everyone is there. You start to feel alone and disconnected from the rest of the world when you are not occasionally dropping in on Facebook.

    But by the same token, I hate Facebook. All anyone does on it anymore is share generic images that have text on them that say something profound about life, getting older, etc. because people want others to say, “Yeah, ain’t that the truth!” I’m so sick of it. People don’t actually use Facebook to actually tell me something meaningful about what’s going on in their life. It’s always sharing junk or writing one sentence per month about the color of their ___fill in the blank___.

    I have loved Google+ since it began. It is beautiful. It is not junked up with advertisements. It has a great responsive look. The Hangouts are great (I use that a lot for team meetings at work). And the integration with Picasa is the icing on the cake. But….

    You know the but. It’s the same but everyone says. Nobody is there. Well, everyone is there, but nobody is actually saying anything. I just don’t get it. I have thought a lot in the past two years about why people don’t seem to use Google+ and I can only come up with two reasons:

    1. It is not painfully apparent to people when they are looking at Google+ that they are looking at Google+. In other words, people have trouble distinguishing Google+ from Google; they can’t grasp that they are looking at an actual social network as a separate entity from the miasma of other Google products and services.

    2. (And this is what led me to your post in the first place. And this is one of the reasons that none of the articles online seem to talk about when pontificating about why Google+ is failing when compared to Facebook) The word “narcissism.” Ever since the beginning, it has been apparent that you cannot say as much about yourself in the About page of Google+ as you can on the About page of Facebook. On Facebook, you can narcissistically tell everyone about every book, tv show, movie, game, sports team and everything else under the sun that you like, but you can’t do that on Google+. To me, that’s a very big reason why nobody seems to be using Google+. Everyone wants to be narcissistic. Everyone thinks that everyone else will care to know everything they like. And Google+ doesn’t offer that option. So no one uses Google+ and no one will admit that’s the real reason why.

    I think, in the end, unless Facebook makes a major faux pas (like something bigger than the faux pas that Path did with address book mining last year), the two social networks will continue to exist and serve increasingly divergent audiences. Facebook will serve everyone’s narcissism. LinkedIn will serve everyone’s professionalism. And Google+ will serve everyone’s need to talk at length about topics (both personal and professional) that capture their interest.



    1. David Daniels - Site Author November 12, 2013 at 3:04 PM

      That was a blog posting in itself! Thanks for the comment. I never thought about the differences between the about pages. Google+ allows me to basically add an old school blogroll of all the social media platforms I am using. Although Facebook has a spot for websites on their about page it doesn’t allow room for your other spaces. I conveniently have my G+ page listed on my Facebook about page but you have to put in the HTML.

      And I also have been seeing more people on G+ lately that have been trying to use G+ like Facebook. It still does irritate me but at least I can control the noise with properly managed circles.

      Hopefully Google+ doesn’t turn into another narcissistic hangout. I absolutely love finding new content on G+ that involves some very educational debates.

      1. Sean Andrews November 12, 2013 at 3:15 PM

        Yes, I have a tendency ramble. My own blog posts tend to never end. Thanks for indulging my own frustration-venting.


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