Bloggers know content is King. No amount of gimmicks, promotions, sweepstakes, contests or freebies will bring back readers to your blog again and again like good content. The same principle applies to Social Media but lately I have been pumping more content into Google+ because of Google Authorship. If other bloggers are doing the same will Google+ finally become a force to counteract Facebook?

Facebook Treats Links From Blogs Like the Plague

Have you ever posted a link from your blog to Facebook? It goes nowhere! Facebook literally buries everything that’s posted from an outside website. Upload a video directly to Facebook and watch that video get 3 times as many views as the exact same video posted from YouTube. Content that gets posted directly to Facebook stands a better chance of being seen by a large group of people than content that links to somewhere outside Facebook.

Basically Facebook is telling you if you want your content to be seen by the largest amount of people you have to post the content directly to Facebook, no links to the outside internet. Once you post it, Facebook owns it and can use your content anyway it pleases. Fortunately I don’t post much content at all to Facebook and I’m certainly not hosting anything there that I have worked hard to produce but do you really have to post everything directly to Facebook to be seen?

I do see some prominent bloggers actually writing up entire blog postings for Facebook. They are few and far between but some do it, like a Robert Scoble. It’s a good plan to get as many eyes on your content as possible but my gut says to be careful with that approach. People will read your content on Facebook and never come to your site to check out your other goodies like your portfolio, related posts or just plain explore your site to get to know you.

Google Authorship Encourages Links Back To Your Blog

Google Authorship was created with the goal of allowing writers to claim their content, as well as allowing search engine users to find more content written by the same writer. It also helps establish credibility and legitimacy of content for websites as well as authors. Google Authorship is the first step toward verifying author identity, which will be used to calculate Author Rank, possibly the future of Google’s algorithm. Authors can rejoice now! We have a better way to get found than Facebook!

Additionally, websites that have taken the steps to establish authorship tags get higher click-through rates due to authorship markup applied in search results (which looks like a headshot of the author next to the text listing, drawing the eye and attracting clicks), and greater exposure to more of their content.

Google Authorship will help consistent bloggers like myself to get noticed in Google Searches and, at the same time, keep people on my site longer.

Take That Facebook! Being an Author Has Benefits Again!

“Google has confirmed that there’s a hidden benefit to having authorship status: If a user returns to the search results after reading an author-tagged search result for a certain period of time, Google will add three additional links to similar articles from the same author below the originally clicked link.” That’s like having your related posts in a Google Search. That’s so cool!

It’s no secret that I have no love for Facebook but Google Authorship and Google+ have given this blogger new hope that Authors can continue to produce content on their own platforms without being penalized. Who’s Dropping Facebook?

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