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Lately I have been looking very closely at the 4 most important apps on my iPhone for organizing myself. Email, Calendar, Tasks (or to-do’s) and Project Management. Today I’m going to focus on the Calendar apps. This is the one app that most people should be looking at everyday and if you get the right one, your days should run much smoother. Here is a rundown of what I use and my go to Calendar app…

Stock Apple Calendar App

Most people don’t think about replacing the stock calendar app. It works just fine especially since it’s the only app that can actually show the Day and Date at a glance from the home screen but the app is just a little too boring for me. Here are some other options…


Sunrise – Free


A free app that came highly recommended in the app store, Sunrise describes itself as a Calendar app for Gmail users. It does not integrate with Apple mail yet. Sunrise combines your Facebook, Google and LinkedIn calendars into one calendar. It’s simple to use, looks very elegant and you will get an email from sunrise every morning with your agenda. (Google does this too so that’s not really new).

Favorite Tip: Sunrise is the only calendar integrated with EventBrite. If you use EventBrite you’ll find that as soon as you sign up for an event it’s in your calendar.



Fantastical – $2.99


This is the current IOS darling. I’ve even purchased this app for quite a few people who cannot seem to keep appointments, Wink wink..

This is the most powerful MAC Calendar I have ever used so far. I say it is a MAC Calendar because for $19.99 you can get the desktop version that sits in your top menu bar and syncs with all your IOS devices. Fantastical works with almost any calendar like Yahoo, iCal, Google and even iCloud.

There are so many features in this app! Even when doing research for this posting I was finding incredibly useful tips.

Favorite Tip: Tap and Hold the top menu bar (Where the month is listed) and a pop-up appears allowing you to search any date. Great when the cops ask you, “Where were you last Sunday”. ;)


Tempo – Free (Long Waiting List)


There is a long wait for this app. Get on the reservation list now. It will take about 3 weeks to actually get this little app.

This is my go-to calendar app but it’s only for Gmail users. This app will actually go through your Gmail account and learn your calendar very quickly but it also goes through your Gmail account learning your appointments, who will be attending, what documents are needed… basically Tempo is a smart calendar that tries to put together everything you may need for a calendar event.

Favorite Tip: If you are running late for a meeting you can message other attendees stating you will be late. It’s as simple as tapping one button within the event. No more looking through your contacts to find someone to cover your lateness. ;)

There are so many more tips that I could share but I just wanted to get the basic message across. The stock IOS app is OK but there are so many better options to get you calendar organized. What are your favorite calendar tips?
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