I have to admit, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. My last posting was at the end of January and I preach that you should, at MINIMUM, update your blog once a week. It’s been 5 for me but there has been so much going on in my life on top of the constant changes in the tech world… who can keep up!

Here’s what I have been up to:

This year many business’s are investing heavily in Social Media marketing so I have spent a lot of time doing consulting but I do have some active projects of my own that are doing very well. Most of my consulting is being done with local small business’s.

Small business’s cannot just go out and hire someone to manage their social media on top of their traditional PR expenses, this would not be cost-effective. PR companies have attempted to step in and fill the social media void but, unfortunately, no PR company is going to be able to walk in and do what a blogger can do, BUILD COMMUNITIES!

It’s sad to see but many small business’s have been neglecting this area of their business. I’ve stumbled across business’s that have been in business for decades but have a smaller email marketing list than most people! Retail locations with multiple locations only taking advantage of one Facebook page, no active twitter accounts with constant updates, not using FourSquare and so many, many missed opportunities! The process of building your community, also called your marketing list, is a never-ending process and can be done in so many ways!

But if I had to narrow down my most effective work this month it is this…..

Building Communities! That’s The REAL Secret!

Every business, especially small business’s, need to develop people in-house to grow their social media communities. This will lead to direct growth in your marketing list. Here’s what small business’s need… Keep in mind you won’t find all these skills in one person but you may find all of them in a small team of people:

  1. In  House Blogger/Marketer
  2. In House Graphic Designer
  3. In-House Content Creators

Not all bloggers are Graphic Designers. Some have basic design skills but you should have someone on staff that can do some serious Graphic design if that’s what your business needs. A bloggers true value is in building and engaging your networks and this is where you will need marketing skills. Networks that need to be built are all over the place: Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – Wherever you have fans your blogger should be building that network and they should have a game-plan for this.

A good Graphic Designer, even if they are only part-time, can be invaluable  This will depend on your industry. I can’t stress this enough, you want them in-house. Most small business’s are not tech savvy so working strictly virtually may not be an option.

In House Content Creators may be people who are trained to administer some of your social media accounts. They are constantly on the lookout for content that can be used to promote the business.

I’ve Been Developing Social Media Marketing Plans

I have quietly been developing Social Media Marketing Plans with small business’s that are not tech-savvy. This can be a huge challenge as your also working to change a corporate culture in the process. I’ve also been working on developing usable dashboards for small business’s to use in managing their social media endeavors and providing training on the use of blogging to educate a business’s target market.

In the future I will go into what I am using and leave a little breadcrumb trail for others to follow. Since I cannot take on too many more projects this might be the best way to help others who are struggling in managing their social media campaigns. Till then, leave some tips for reviews of tools you may be using to help manage social media campaigns…

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