I didn’t know what I was missing when I turned on Notifications in Foursquare. I had always thought that only the most social media savvy people used Foursquare. I still do based on the notifications that I started receiving recently and although, every once in a while, a knucklehead will check into his house and let the whole world know when they are home or not, the social media savvy who use foursquare have unique ways of hiding their checkin’s.

Why Are We Checking into Parkways, Drive Thru’s, long line’s of cars and Winter Storms?

Go ahead, if you don’t have notifications turned on for at least those nearby you, turn it on to get a great laugh. I have to admit I get a good chuckle when I see people checking into the “LIE” (Long Island Expressway for those readers who do not live on Long Island), and assorted other “moving targets”. Is the traffic her so bad that we have time to check-in? (the answer is YES!).

I guess this is what makes foursquare such a unique community. Since the majority of people on foursquare just friend anybody, (that’s my strategy) anything goes.

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