“I was in Roosevelt Field Mall over the Weekend and noticed these small, odd-looking Kiosks all over the Mall. I saw at least 4 of them. They are charging stations for cell phones called BrightBoxes”

BrightBox is a small NYC Startup that seems to have been able to secure some prime spots in the most expensive mall on the East Coast for its Mobile Phone charging stations. I think that’s impressive.

BrightboxWhat’s the Deal?

For a flat fee, $1.99 in Roosevelt Field Mall, users gain access to one of seven color-coded lockers that glow pink when charging and green when charged. All it takes is a quick swipe of a credit card for a panel door to snap open; when the door is closed, it remains securely locked until you again swipe your card, which essentially serves as a key, enabling users to leave their devices safely charging inside for however long they please. You can learn more at their site – BrightBoxCharge.com

The company supposedly has an iPhone app in the works as well as an Android app.

Is this a good idea? For someone like myself, I don’t think I’d ever use it but that’s just me, a person who always has an external battery available and can charge the phone off my Macbook. I have considered brightbox for some of the business’s I work with but don’t think it’s feasible in the small business scenario. Small business’s may want to offer this service on their own if their customers want it. If they don’t want to be responsible for their customers cell phones then BrightBox is a good option.

In a mall or other public shopping area, BrightBox does get my stamp of approval. Put these BrightBoxes next to movie theaters and this may be a goldmine since you shouldn’t have your phones on anyway. On that note, maybe restaurants would be a good place too because too many phones are within reach when people have dinner in restaurants. That’s a no-no.

The website also has a Google page rank of 4. They are getting traffic so there must be some interest. Only time will tell but I always wish startups like this good luck. I think this idea may just take off.

Checkout the new Brightboxes. The 1 pictured was just outside Bloomingdale’s.

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