2012 Turned Out to be a Great Year!

It’s New Years Day and in years past I would sit down and examine my blogs traffic year over year. This year was a little different. Since I spent the past year building social media campaigns for clients I had less time for my own. Interestingly, the less I blogged the more traffic I got. It may be because I’m blogging about real world social media issues as opposed to a generic topic like Technology. Who knows. In any event, I pulled my blogs stats off my web host. Here is what I found:

Monthly Stats for 2012:

2012 Blog Stats

The blog saw a Significant Jump in Traffic from July to August.

I’m not sure why. There could be many reasons for this, 1 could be that more and more potential clients are reviewing my work before hiring me. Maybe I’m getting better at SEO and coming up in more search terms. There was no major redesign of the site until a few weeks ago and I only did that so that it was easier to find past content. I basically redid the site so “I” could navigate it more easily. The addition of a complete site map was a must.

Google and Jetpack Analytics were both Incomplete:

I had a small problem this summer with a backup and I lost everything I did between July 2011 and March 2012. It’s a shame I couldn’t get any of those postings back. My google analytics account is missing a lot of traffic from this time period and my Jetpack stats also are incomplete. My web host keeps some great stats so these are what I am going on and what I have been using for years.

Thank You All for Visiting!

Yes, I have to thank everyone for visiting the blog, especially all the new visitors. I just redid the site with the intention of blogging more, maybe even some video blogging. I’ve had interest and submissions from guest bloggers, possibly because the site has been around for such a long time. It will be 12 years this year! What started as a hobby has helped me break into the marketing field.

I will post lots of new social media tips this year!!! That’s a promise. I’m learning a lot from my current projects and love to share. I hope to connect with more people of similar interests. Really looking forward to another promising New Year!

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