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You Can Either Grow With Your Technology or Fall Victim to it.

Where have I heard this before? I’m not sure but it’s something I have been preaching a lot lately. From the employee who cannot seem to collaborate as well as they used to because they are still stuck on Microsoft Office products, meanwhile the next generation brings their own devices to the small business that doesn’t have an exchange network to share files… Many individuals and business’s are falling victim to their technology needs. This blog posting will be a little different today. It’s mostly about the struggles I am… Read More

Don’t Forget the Rest of the Internet. Especially Reddit

I had something else I wanted to post this morning but I opted for this little blog posting instead because Marketing on Social Media is more than just Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and any other free platform you can get yourself on. If you’re not blogging or at the very least have a mobile optimized website you are ignoring the rest of the internet at your own risk…

Graduation Season is Here. What is my Alma Mater Up To?

Graduation Season is here on Long Island and most Colleges in the area will have their Graduation ceremonies in about 30 days. I had recently taken a tour of my alma mater, SUNY Farmingdale and noticed some significant changes in only the 5 years since I graduated. It’s a good sign for the Island that we have a Technology College in the heart of Long Island. Here’s what they are working on: