To understand why Yelp is well positioned in the fight to digitize local advertising, first consider the prevailing attitude of the competition. “Local is the holy grail of the Internet,” Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, told analysts during the company’s first earnings call in July. “The problem with local businesses is they are just not very tech savvy.”excerpt from

Yelp MobileThis article was an interesting read. Who knew that when your Yelp ratings go up you can expect an additional 5-9% sales increase! Those are tangible numbers every small business is looking to go after but how to get your Yelp ratings up?

It’s not easy and nothing worth doing ever is easy. Yelp has a program that rewards responsible “Yelpers” and buries everyone else. That means the average person who gets on Yelp just to give a bad review probably will not affect a small business’s Yelp ratings. On the other hand, a small business cannot skew their ratings by asking their employees or customers to write good reviews. The Yelp system is one system that’s not easy to manipulate and not something I suggest you do. Business’s that do attempt to manipulate their ratings could be red flagged and that could negatively impact sales.

Understanding the Yelp community will be key to being successful there. Overall, your business will have to earn the ratings being given out by “Yelpers”.

Doesn’t Effect Chains Sales, Drive’s Small Business Sales

Do I need to explain that last statement? Most people go to a chain because they know what to expect, therefore, Yelp does not effect a Chain’s sales. The same does hold true for small business’s. Yelp may be the main internet driver for small business’s. Consider that Yelp reviews rank highly in a Google search and “Siri”, Apple’s voice search/companion to some, will reference Yelp when doing a search for you.

That means Yelp is also highly Mobile!!

I’m not a true “Yelper” but I do use the platform and monitor it regularly. Are you taking Yelp Seriously yet?

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