Top 5 iPad Apps I Use For Productivity

I know, it’s been almost a month since my last posting! This posting will be different from previous ones because I’m focusing on the best apps, not just free ones. I know I’ve always focused on free apps but my favorite apps happen to be premium versions. I’ll still be on the lookout for freebies but when it comes to taking advantage of an apps full capabilities, you may want to go premium.

Here are my top iPad app picks and if they are available for the iPhone:

Tweetbot for iPad
  1. Tweetbot ($2.99) Available for iPhone– this is by far my favorite twitter application. If you’re a twitter power user this app is for you. The only thing it’s missing is the option to schedule tweets. Otherwise, by far, the most polished app on the market for twitter.
  2. Feeddler Pro ($4.99, Pro) no iPhone version– If you’re a heavy RSS Google Reader user and have enjoyed the Reeder App for the iPhone than the FeeddlerPro App for iPad is for you. The Reeder iPad app is nowhere near as good as its iPhone version but the FeeddlerPro Reader feels just like the Reeder for iPhone app. Get the premium version and you’ll be able to drop articles into your Evernote account with one tap.
  3. Evernote ($5 per month, Premium) Available for iPhone – Evernote has come so far in the last few months. It’s syncing capabilities are second to none except maybe Google’s Doc’s. Google Doc’s has nothing on Evernote when it comes to working offline. Get the premium if you are working with teams and need larger upload limits. I managed to snag a 15 month Evernote premium deal as part of a MacHeist package. Best $29 I ever spent. Hint: I use Evernote to develop blog postings but it is so versatile that you can use it to organize almost anything.
  4. Dropbox ($9.99 per month, pro) Available for iPhone– Who’s still using a free account? I find the 100 GB, $9.99 a month, pro account indispensable. That’s just me. I have used it to back up large picture libraries (Only temporarily until I can get more backup space at home) and with my iPad having only 16gb of space, the Dropbox account is my main drive for my iPhone and iPad. I also am finding that more and more app developers are allowing you to save pictures and documents directly to your dropbox account.
  5. Sprout Social ($39 Month) Available for iPhone – This is the app for managing multiple social media accounts but it is pricey. Most of your major brands that have large marketing budgets go this route. Sprout Social has an awesome iPad app and Web Based management system that will allow you to keep on top of large social media campaigns. For $39 a month you can manage up to 10 accounts, additional users (Other members of your team) cost $39 each. It is very pricey compared to Hoot-suite but it’s also much more polished and allows you to get much more work done. Great tool for small business’s.

That’s it for today. I promise I’ll get around to more blogging over the Holiday’s. I have a ton of new tips and information that I have been gathering the last few weeks. What are your top apps???

9/17/17 Update – This link was forwarded to me through the contact page of the site. You can check out for info on even more based Note-Taking apps that can increase your productivity.
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  1. Ray Colon January 1, 2013 at 2:27 PM

    Hi David,

    Of the apps that you’ve highlighted, I’ve upped my usage of Dropbox over the last year. It’s so much simpler than what I used to do – email documents to myself so that I could edit them on multiple devices. Ugh! For my writing, the space allocated by the free Dropbox account is more than enough.

    One app that I would recommend for writers is Pages. In conjunction with Dropbox I can seamlessly write and edit my documents on any of my devices, which has helped me to increase my productivity.

    1. David Daniels January 1, 2013 at 2:51 PM

      The 2gb of space dropbox gives you to start will be plenty for just writing but you’ll find that dropbox is so versatile you could use it to backup and encrypt docs, passwords, large photo libraries and videos. It seems that quite a few apps are integrating with dropbox so I find the extra space comes in handy.

      Thanks for the tip about Pages. I have it installed but never really use it. I’ll have to check it out. It gets a lot of use on the Mac but not the iPad. I’m a little old school and still a guy who needs a keyboard for many things. That may be my next purchase for the iPad.


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