Sorry Everyone, I have been very busy but I will get up and blogging soon. It’s been a few weeks! A lot has been going on in my life and I’ve made significant upgrades to my equipment. I made these upgrades so I could get more work done. Now I’m getting more work to do. It’s a catch 22. Oh Well, can’t complain!

I have a lot of new tech tools I will want to write about real soon but today I have been watching the biggest story on Long Island today… Gas!

I made it through Hurricane Sandy intact. I lost power for 4 days and consider myself lucky. Now I’m using some of my skills to document a story I feel is getting out of control. Long Island is basically out of gas and mainstream media is being used to tell people more is on the way. No one can confirm this though. Not even social media can confirm that gas is on the way.

I’m watching twitter. A simple search for “Gas” and the town you live in will produce on the ground information about the status of gas deliveries in your area. It’s the most real-time info you can get. If your still using mainstream media you won’t be aware of the 24 hour wait for gas. Stick to social media for real time information that is accurate.

Social Media is still the best way to get information if you know how to filter it. Facebook won’t tell you nearly as much as twitter so my advice is to learn how to monitor twitter trends. It’s a great source of information. I must start blogging about twitter trends in the near future.

So my study of Social Media continues. Why should we continue to follow mainstream media when twitter is so much more timely, relevant and accurate?
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