Looking to drive traffic to your website or blog? Don’t over look Pinterest!

Check out some of these crazy numbers. These numbers are specific to one particular client whose target market is Women between ages 24-44. Pinterest, whose market is also this target demographic, is driving fully  35% of web traffic beating out Facebook by a large margin.

Mobile Pinterest is also giving mobile Facebook a run for its money!

But There Are Many Variables

The biggest problem here is I work the Facebook account everyday, crafting updates and keeping fans apprised of what’s going on in the business. Granted not every update is designed to drive traffic to the main website, sometimes I send traffic to a company blog.

The Pinterest account gets updated about once a week, sometimes even less frequently. For the amount of work put into Pinterest I am pleasantly surprised by the rate of return. It’s very encouraging.

Which platform is giving me more bang for the buck?

It might look like Pinterest just by the Google Analytics I posted. Facebook I treat like an additional website and according to Facebook’s analytics I am getting in front of about 2500 people weekly which is far more than the average website with a Google page rank of 2-3.

So my very valuable advice is this… don’t overlook Pinterest. It may be a great platform to drive web traffic to your website but Facebook may be more valuable as a hub, a small base station for your business, on still, the most populous platform on the planet.


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