What am I doing this morning? Updating Small Business Facebook Pages. Whats the most frequent question I am still asked? You guessed it: “Why do I need 1 Facebook Page for Each Business location?”

Facebook-Page-ManagerIt’s a question that is on the minds of many small business’s that have more than 1 location. Can I setup 1 brand page to represent all my locations? Can my business page be just like Starbucks and have locations listed under it as child pages?

The answer is most likely “No”. If you are not a huge global brand like Starbucks, Facebook will not offer you the ability to set up one main page. Not sure what I’m talking about? Try checking into your local Starbucks on Facebook. Then “like” the page you checked into. It is not the same page as Starbucks main page but the information from that page is ported to the main page if Starbucks has claimed it.

This service is just not available for small businesses with multiple locations. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’m not even sure of how big your business needs to be before you can be issued the Parent/Child functionality by Facebook although InsideFacebook claims it’s only offered to global corporations.

Why is this important?

If you have multiple locations and only one page you are missing out on opportunities to market to people who are checking into locations you are not actively managing. Two Pages are better than one. One page for each location is the best way to go, especially if you are open to the public. You will have twice as many opportunities to market to potential clients especially if the businesses are in 2 distinct geographical locations.

If you are a Business to Business page you may want to consider a community page which would make managing your network a little easier. If you are open to the public, best to use locations pages, one for each location.

PR companies tell most business’s to have just one page. It’s easier for them to manage and budgeted ad money can be dedicated to just that one page. Also, numbers like “engagement” and “Likes” are easier to push upwards when you are only managing one page. Mainly, It’s also a lot less work.

What’s Right For Your Business?

No two business’s are the same. I’m finding that having a separate page for each business location works wonders, especially when it comes to capturing valuable check-in information. Check-ins increase your pages reach dramatically. Without them you will be doing a lot of extra work to get your reach up.

I do like to operate one main business page and tag all the other pages in relevant posts. This is not a perfect workaround but the best I have come up with so far. This allows me to use check-ins to increase the pages reach as well as maintain separate pages for each location.

What would work for you? Each business has special needs. If you would like some free advice, leave a comment below.

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