Today is the day that many Apple Fanboys (& Girls) will upgrade to an iPhone 5. Except me that is. I have stuck to my tradition of always being a generation behind. This year, even though I am eligible to upgrade (very rare for me to be eligible when a new phone comes out), I have opted to wait a few weeks. The hardware upgrade for the iPhone is not significant enough for me to upgrade immediately. The software… that’s another story.

Apple is a Software Company

We kind of forget that Apple is a great software company because of the elegant products they put out every year but it’s the software that makes me a Fanboy, not the hardware.

IOS6 came out a few days ago. If you are an early adopter you have probably test driven it already. If not, check this one out. In the past, upgrades made the IOS operating system bigger on the iPhone requiring more processing power to do the same tasks. Hence you would always have to upgrade to a more powerful iPhone. This upgrade made the phone faster…

What’s New? Safari Now Super Fast!

Apple claims there are over 200 new features in IOS6. Here’s what I immediately noticed within the last 24 hours that I will be using:

Safari – Safari is significantly faster and is now the fastest mobile browser on the planet. Check out the BrowserMark ratings below:

  • Do Not Disturb Feature – I used this new feature the first night. It’s Awesome! I’ve set the phone to turn off all notifications after 10pm. Only calls from my favorites come through. Very nice feature!
  • Facebook integration – now you can share most anything you are doing on your iPhone on Facebook although when you attempt to share something you still get a blank share screen and need to fill in your own description of what you are sharing. You should have the option to import the title of whatever you are sharing. This is standard in other 3rd party apps.

What’s not Working:

  • Maps – I’ve had no interest in using maps just yet. This is the first generation of Apple’s Maps functionality and based on all the reviews I’ve read so far, it has a long way to go to compete with Google’s Maps.
  • Passbook – it took me a while to set up this app that is Apple’s attempt at creating a digital wallet much like Google Wallet. I realized it’s not really an app but another link to the app store specifically for business’s with large rewards programs. This app I thought had potential but became a big disappointment.

So here is my advice. If you’re looking to upgrade to an iPhone 5, go ahead but it’s strictly a hardware update. IOS6 does not need any extra processing power so you don’t need to upgrade your phone just to take advantage of IOS6.

What are your thoughts???

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