New, completely updated mobile app for WordPress. This morning I’m going through the newly designed WordPress mobile app that looks like HTML 5. Very slick & elegant.

Some of the newer options are the built in reader that allows you to easily find other WordPress blogs by category. Considering the millions of blogs out there I was only able to access a small sampling of blogs through the reader.

Formatting your blog posting from the mobile app is still nonexistent.

But you still have basic functions like spellcheck, the ability to check your blog stats, update pages on the fly and even view your full dashboard if needed. Still, very hard to work on a mobile screen.

Yes, you can manage your WordPress comments but not if you are using another comment moderation software plugin like Disqus.

So the new Mobile WordPress App Update, I think, is just for making corrections on the fly, looking at stats and managing comments. Don’t expect too much else.

P.S. this posting almost entirely done within the wordpress app. I did have to go back in and assign a featured image, make the image smaller as it was to big for the page and then add categories and tags.

How do you use the mobile WordPress app? Do you find any use for it?

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