How Many Social Apps Do We Need? Here’s Four More to Test This Weekend…

Just realized it’s Friday and I haven’t posted anything in 2 weeks!  That’s a long stretch for me but I have been busy testing new apps to see how they fit into various projects I am working on. Check out these four listed below. I figured by the time I get around to doing actual reviews they may be super popular or long gone. You be the judge:

  • Cinemagram – Just started using it and it can get addictive. You can take a very brief video clip to make a picture. Then animate just a portion of the picture to make some really cool effects. Syncs with your twitter and Facebook accounts so you can share them with your friends.
  • Burpple – Another foodie app but it’s considered a social food journal. Again, Syncs with your Facebook and twitter accounts. It’s a feed strictly for food you and your friends eat.
  • – Another social photo sharing app. Very much like instagram and also syncs with your Facebook and twitter accounts.
  • Lift – a very new iPhone app that, I think, is open to the public. It’s a habit tracking app that helps you develop good habits. It’s also a social app where others can join you in achieving the same goals.

So that’s it! Four new Apps I’ll be testing out and using over the Labor Day Weekend. Would love to know what you think as I plan on doing some more detailed reviews on these in the future. Do you think there are too many Social Apps?

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