I’ve been getting incredibly busy lately but I also am managing my workload better with Google Docs. Many people don’t see the value of Google Docs over Microsoft Office. Office is definitely the more powerful software suite but I hardly ever use it. If I need to create a document offline I use MAC’s Pages. If I have to collaborate on a document it’s Google Docs all the way! Here’s why…

Microsoft Can’t Touch Google’s Collaboration Tools

When it comes to collaboration tools, Microsoft doesn’t come even close to touching Google Docs. Yes, Microsoft office is a lot more powerful than Google Docs but have you tried collaborating on an office document at work? It’s a pain in the, you know what! Have you tried collaborating over different networks? It’s impossible! With GChat, GVoice, and now Google Hangouts, you have all the tools you need to be a super collaborator.

Collaborating on Google Docs

Now I will admit that I’m not as familiar with collaborating on a document in Microsoft office as I am in Google, but I do know that when you’re on an Intranet, using a shared document can just get plain clumsy. Not with Google. With Google there are quite a few ways that you can collaborate on a document. My favorite way to collaborate on a Google doc is by using the chat feature right within the document. I can chat with an unlimited amount of people or anyone who’s actually working on that document with me. The chat feature is a great feature especially when you’re in an environment that’s very noisy or where you have to be quiet like a Library.

Collaborate in a Google Hangout

There are other ways to collaborate on a Google document. Another familiar way is by using the video chat function built-in to Gmail. The only limitation with that is that you are only allowed to video chat with up to one other person. That limitation has recently been removed now that we can use a Google hangout while working in a Google Doc.

Now you can video chat with up to 10 people while using a Google hangout and while still chatting with an unlimited amount people through G-chat. This makes working on a huge documents a pleasure. I highly recommend that anyone who uses Google documents to try the collaboration features.

The more people you can get to collaborate on a document the easier it is to get work done. Google is now allowing me to get a lot more work done through Google Docs. Now I have to go and finish this blog posting because I have another Google document to work on. So go ahead and try the new Google Hangout future while using a Google document. You will be amazed at how much work you can get done and how he easy it is to collaborate on a Document when using Google Docs.

Use Google Docs to Conduct Meetings

And I find it is a great way to conduct meetings between many people in many different locations. Use a Google Doc to set an Agenda, use the Google hangouts to video conference with key people and use the chat function to take feedback and questions from everyone else. Can Google possibly get me more productive than that?

How are you using the collaboration tools in Google Docs?

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