First Shots of the New Westbury Plaza on Long Island

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Long Island is changing fast! I might have to do more postings about this…

Decided to post up some pictures of the new Westbury Plaza in Westbury, Long Island. First store to open is the Container Store. It’s the first Container Store on Long Island and from what I hear, the company is very picky as to the locations they choose to setup.

Next up to open in the mall is Trader Joe’s. They were not open yet at the time of this posting but they will be open in a week. For all of you who do not live on Long Island, just down the block is the Roosevelt Field Mall, one of the biggest Malls in the country. Sadly, Long Island is turning into one big mall. Here are some pics I got off the phone of this newest mall…


If you are a former Long Islander, in some of these pics you might notice some more familiar buildings in the background like the not so famous 666 building on Old Country Rd. There is also a new Red Roof Hotel, Hyatt and Hilton Garden Hotel that have recently opened up in the immediate area. This area seems to be primed for some big tourist attraction. Not sure what that would be but it may be big…

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What do you think? Is Long Island too Malled out?

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