I’ve had quite the week! If you follow me on twitter at @DVDaniels, and I know you do… I have been raving about the Mountain Lion upgrade to my MAC that I just had to download as soon as it was available. Even though I plan on upgrading my MacBook Pro in September I though the $20 pricetag was too good to pass up. This upgrade was one of the best I have experienced in a long time and almost seemed tailor-made for me. Here is a quick rundown of my favorite features:

SAFARI – Faster and now with an Omni-Search Box

I am a heavy user of Safari. Most people ask me why and I state I just like the look and feel of Safari over Chrome. Safari was never as fast or as secure but I preferred it anyway. Now though… It’s slightly faster than Chrome which is a huge achievement in itself and it can do everything Chrome can do including sync my bookmarks with iCloud. Safari was also upgraded with an omni-box search box just like chrome. Gone is the separate Google search box. Now just type in whatever you want in the main search bar and a Google search will pop up or Safari will learn what website you tend to visit and automatically fill in the site you are looking for. It’s works just like Google Chrome’s Omni-Box.


Reminders was always my favorite to-do list app on the iPhone. I have tested many To-Do apps in the past but the one that comes standard on all iPhones has been my go to app to get things done. Now those lists I make are available everywhere. Just make sure you turn on the iCloud functionality on both your phone and MAC. You can also choose to have separate lists for just your MAC, just your iPhone or put them all in iCloud. I like having them everywhere.


Goodbye Evernote? Not exactly. I never did take to Notepad like I did Evernote. I use Evernote for making and taking all kinds of notes and organizing them into Notebooks. Notepad is more like a clipboard. Now, small notes and even small blog postings can now be done on notepad and they end up on my MacBook. It’s all very convenient so I now have Notepad pinned to my iPhone’s home-screen again. Just make sure to turn on iCloud with Notepad so your notes show up everywhere.


The days of actually having your iPhone next to you while you are working may be coming to an end. With notifications you can have Emails, iMessages, Reminders, Tweets, Calendar notifications and more, pop up on your MAC. I can currently take calls through GVoice and through FaceTime so the only need to have my phone around will be to get text messages. Once I can forward texts to my MacBook I could see the day I could actually turn the phone off while working. I also have to figure out how to get weather notifications on there. Currently it’s on the dashboard which is hardly used.


So that’s my rundown of some of my favorite features in MAC”s OSX Mountain Lion. It almost feels like a new machine, definitely runs faster, smoother and I can now get more done directly on the MAC as opposed to splitting work between the MAC and iPhone. ¬†Despite all the new notifications being sent directly to the laptop, ¬†I seem to be getting a ton of work done. Next blog posting I’ll try the dictation feature as I hear that’s really cool! That will be my next adventure.

What Are Your Favorite New Features in MAC OSX Mountain Lion?

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