I know… I haven’t blogged anything for the last 3 weeks. I’ve thankfully been very busy with blogging related activities for clients. I’ve even been somewhat quiet on twitter but I have been collecting all sorts of great tips for MAC users. Today’s tip, or tips, revolved around the use of Apps as opposed to using a browser…

Are You Doing All Your Work in a Browser?

I have always been one of those people who always just had my browser open to do everything. Whether it was having a tab open for twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Reader, Instapaper, Evernote, or whatever I happened to be using at the moment, I was doing everything in the  browser. My browser of choice is Safari.

In theory you only had one program running, your browser, so it shouldn’t slow down your computer but that program can become so overrun, bloated and overwhelmed with literally hundreds of outside sites trying to make connections with your computer that it may be time to just shut down the browser and try some alternatives.

Facebook, Google and Twitter are the biggest culprits at making connections with your computer. Facebook and Google are constantly working your computer, gathering information they can use for marketing. Notice all the ads you are dished while using Facebook or Gmail’s email client? They require bandwidth. You might not notice all these connections made by third parties unless you are running a firewall that is alerting you to this but all these added connections can really slow down your computer.

MAC APPS! Here is What I Have Started Using…

I’ve noticed that Google is a major player in making connections to my computer. Using some clean apps developed by third parties seemed to be the best way to keep Google from bombarding my computer with ads. I usually recommend free apps but these will cost you a little money. I think they are well worth it.

  • Replace Gmail – I have replaced Gmail with Sparrow Mail. It’s just had a major upgrade and takes up virtually no RAM. It’s also a more elegant way to work your inbox. It will set you back $9.99 but there is a free version you can try. I just love the full version though! I also use it as my email client on the iPhone.
  • Replace Reader – Ever try using the Google Reader web version? It’s horrible! Google Reader was just updated a few months back and it was the first update in about 5 YEARS! Google is very slow to update this all important service for us bloggers and it really slows down my network. Check out Reeder. Possibly the best RSS reader app out there. They are constantly upgrading the MAC app as well as the iPhone app. With connectivity to twitter, instapaper and evernote, this $4.99 app is well worth the money. There is also a version for the iPad!
  • Replace Twitter – Finally, I have tried a lot of twitter apps but I have replaced twitter with the Alpha version of Tweetbot. I love tweetbot for the iPhone. The developers of tweetbot are just as passionate about twitter as I am. Tweetbot for MAC is an Alpha, it is a little buggy and crashes a lot but the developers are working on it. I think it’s awesome as it is and takes up virtually no RAM on my MAC. It’s also a great price – FREE!

And finally, where am I getting my RAM numbers from? Check out Magician for MAC. It’s completely free and a great tool for helping cleanup your MAC and finding problem programs.

I have plenty more tools and Apps I am testing and I will get more up soon. Especially in regards to protecting yourself while on Facebook. Thanks for reading!

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