So I recently came across an issue with iCal where I couldn’t sync it with my Google Calendar. I couldn’t fix the problem on my own so I went to do a Google search on how to sync iCal with my Google calendar. Surprisingly, not much came up on a Google search on how to fix this issue. I did find a lot of other people asking the same question, “I can’t get my iCal to sync with my Google calendar” so I decided to research the issue myself to see what was going on.

It’s a Simple fix:

Check to see if you have Google’s two-step verification on. It turns out that if you have Google’s two-step verification on you will not be able to sync iCal with your Google calendar. The first thing you need to do is go into your Google settings and grab a unique password for iCal. All applications need a unique password when two-step verification in turned on. Now instead of signing in with your normal Google password use the unique password you just made and use that to sign into iCal. Everything should sync and work as normal.

Google’s two-step verification is great and I recommend using it for added security on your Google account but when you’re using third-party apps or even Apple applications to access your Google account you always have to remember that you need a unique password. You cannot use the standard Google password to sign into your Google account from a 3rd party app.

So that’s this week’s tip. I know it helped me! Drop tips in the comments below. The best ones make future blog postings!