Another week has come and gone really fast! I have nothing to blog about this week since I covered it all on my twitter @DVDaniels so I will blog about the top questions I have been getting while I freelance….

Do Facebook Pages Reach More People than Email?

This is fast becoming one of the top questions I am asked. What’s better? Facebook or Email Blasts? You definitely need both and depending on how your Email Lists and Facebook pages were built, you need to target them with different tactics. If you grew your Email list and Facebook Page/s organically then you just have to interact with your network as normal. These are your customers, have fun with them. If you paid for an email list and Facebook Fans, be prepared to do a lot of marketing. These are not your customers and they are literally just getting to know you.

Lately I have noticed that most of my clients Facebook pages are reaching more people than a traditional email blast. This might be a change in the Facebook Edgerank System. Does this spell the end of email? No, definitely not but I have noticed quite a few changes lately in the number of people I reach though Pages as opposed to email blasts.

Page Reach Has Jumped!

Just a few weeks ago I was able to reach about 23% of the fans on a typical Facebook page. Many of us in the tech community we’re upset Facebook introduced promoted posts meaning that we had to pay to reach everyone. Today the reach number has jumped anywhere from 30 – 50%, possibly because of all the complaints, who knows. Some pages I manage are better at engagement with its fans. The pages I built organically are achieving a 50% engagement rate. The pages built with ads have an average of 30% engagement rate. But, overall, I have seen a jump in reach across all the pages I manage.

Best Way to Increase Reach?

Check-in’s! By far the only correlation I can find is that the pages where people check into a lot reach the most amount of people. I have pages I manage that have less than 100 fans that reach more people than pages with 1500+. Check-ins are definitely a driver and if you have your page setup as a place, kudos to you! You’re in a position to reach so many more people and these are your true brand ambassadors!

Don’t forget, if you have 2 locations get 2 places Pages! Double your exposure.


I’m still growing all the pages I manage organically. This results in high engagement rates. I’ve actually pulled ad campaigns off of accounts because I didn’t see the value of running expensive ads on Facebook that didn’t increase engagement. Make no mistake, your reach will improve by a factor of 10 with Ads! People may like your page like crazy, especially if you have an offer tied to it but just don’t expect those people to keep engaging with your brand. These are people who have never spent a dime at your business so they may watch on the sidelines for a while. The people who checkin are your Brand Ambassadors so take care of them!

I am still experimenting with promoted posts though. Overall the industry claims that promoted posts are awesome as opposed to ads. I will write about this in the future.

What Are Your Experience’s with Facebook Pages? Do You Click On Ads to “Like” Facebook Pages or are You a Brand Ambassador?

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  1. Ali Cat August 5, 2012 at 6:47 PM

    As a consumer I have Facebook Ad blindness. I like a page on Facebook when I’m on the brand’s site and they have a link to it, or when a trusted friend likes it and it appears in my feed. As a brand, I experimented with FB ads and ended up abandoning them because, like you’ve said, they aren’t useful fans the same way the people who actively sought out the page are. I remind people in our email every now and then that we have a FB presence and leave the marketing at that.

    1. DVdaniels August 5, 2012 at 8:30 PM

      My clients are certainly smart. They can’t put their finger on it but they know that facebook ads aren’t worth the investment. It may be really slow and time consuming but organic is the way to grow. Everything else is a waste of time. Thanks for the insight! :)


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