Facebook IPO? It’s Going to Get Ugly!

The tech world pretty much called it this week. The Facebook IPO was one of the more overrated IPO’s to come out of Silicon Valley in a long time. Many of my favorite tech blogs called it correctly too.

There were just a few tech blogs, they will remain nameless, that focused on the fact that Facebook employees would be getting paid. I was very disappointed in those tech blogs. I hope they can stay focused on blogging tech and stay away from romanticizing the money. We’ve had enough of the tech bubbles.

I Don’t Like Facebook :)

For those who have followed me for years, a) Thank You! b) I have done my best to warn people about Facebook. Your info doesn’t belong to you, anything you put on Facebook belongs to Facebook, Facebook is very loose with the lobbying money in Washington… Facebook could very well be the ultimate tracking tool that the government has not been able to build but the private sector did.

We’ve followed anonymous Hackers for years who have been warning the public that Facebook may be a little too cozy with the government. They got too cozy with the financial industry and got burned.

Botched IPO by Known Fraudulent Financial Institutions

As a separate Reuters report noted, Morgan Stanley and three other major underwriters — Goldman Sachs (GSFortune 500), JPMorgan (JPMFortune 500) and Bank of America (BACFortune 500) — reduced their earnings outlooks for Facebook ahead of the IPO.

Can we call this Karma? What happens when you team up a company whose mission is to collect as much personal information on you as it possibly can with 4 of the most fraudulent financial institutions on the planet?

Birds of a feather flock together and Facebook has been running with some Dirty Birds…

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