Note to Myself: Backup your Blog Regularly!

I regularly back up my computer, at least monthly to an external hard drive. I also have an online backup service called Backblaze that works in the background of my computer to back up any files that have changed. But recently I lost quite  bit of work because I failed to back up the blog so I went on a little mission to find the best way to back up the blog frequently.

If you have a blog, you need to back up regularly. No questions asked. This can be a pain if you don’t know what you are doing and not all web hosting companies are the same when it comes to offering tools to back up your blog. Here’s what I recently learned and came up with…

4 Ways to Backup a Blog (I use the last 2)

  1. Download your content folder from your web host & a copy of your database via FTP. Save them to Your Hard Drive (Very Technical)
  2. Use a plugin (if you use WordPress). There are plenty of backup plugins available for WordPress. I tried a few and stumbled upon option 4…
  3. Create a backup using a script supplied by your web host. (Simplest and best method, see details below)
  4. Backup to Dropbox. – This is another WordPress Plugin. Set it to do a backup every night and you don’t even need your computer as your server is downloading directly to Dropbox. Set it and forget it.

Option #3 is your best but not all web hosts offer this. You will find this option in the Cpanel that your web host offers. It should be in the form of a one-touch backup. Your press one button and the script will back up your entire blog in minutes. To restore the backup you would just press the restore button and within minutes you have restored your blog back to the way it was at the time of the backup.

I also love Option #4. It’s a set it and forget it system. It’s encouraged that you have at least 3 backups at all times just in case one of them are corrupted. I now always have at least 2. I will work on a simple third method another time.

Best Advice from this Blogger: Don’t get cheap with the web hosting. The better web hosts offers tools to help you backup your websites and makes it easier to maintain them.

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