Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s been a good two weeks since I have blogged. Thank goodness this site doubles as my personal blog because I have been very busy lately…

Lot’s of new social media related projects have come down the pipe and I’ve had to learn to put the phone away under many new circumstances. Although my iPhone is still the top content curator for me, using it for communications while creating content has become a major juggling act.

Despite my struggles I have gradually implemented my own personal policies and procedures to prevent Cell Phone Obsession. Here are some of my tips…

  1. Twitter – I happen to be very active on twitter. There was a time that my phone would be buzzing all night with incoming tweets. Not anymore. Twitter has a setting called “Sleep Option”. I have mine set to turn twitter off between 10pm and 7am. This doesn’t prevent me from using it, just that I will not receive any notifications during sleeping hours. I also reevaluate my mobile notifications every few months. Hint, if you tweet too much I turn you off. ;)
  2. Email – easy, turn the push off. You’ll save precious battery power too. You can still check your email first thing in the morning but now those annoying emails won’t show up in the middle of the night.
  3. Facebook – if you had any idea how much information Facebook really collects about you, you would stop using it immediately. I am actually very active on Facebook, mostly managing business pages. I only know the tip of the iceberg about what data Facebook collects though and it’s scary! I hardly use it personally. I even avoid the messenger app. Avoiding Facebook is a great way to fight cell phone obsession.
  4. Phone Calls – I still love getting calls but many have to go to voicemail because I’m in the middle of something or I’m driving. I refuse to pick up my phone while driving. Yes, I consider my life, and the lives of those around me, more important.

I’ve also learned the value of Airplane mode. About the only thing that works in airplane mode is the iPod functionality. Go turn on some of your favorite music and unplug for a while. Airplane mode also saves a ton of battery life.

When it’s time to unplug and clear your head, the “Airplane mode” is awesome!

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