Here’s this week’s Sunday Link Roundup according to my Instagram account. Lot’s of talk this week about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. 

  • Twitter widens gap on Facebook (but Pinterest is on the Rise) – is Twitter’s lofty position under threat from Facebook, and other, rising social platforms such as Pinterest?
  • New Study lends insight into shopping habits of Tablet Users – Going shopping online? If so, there’s a good change you’re a tablet owner. That was the general theme that surfaced time and again in a new report published on Friday.
  • Using Foursquare to find Tax Procrastinators – Foursquare has dug into their data to find which cities were most likely to put off their taxes to the last-minute in 2011. These cities* each saw a spike in check-ins at US Post Offices in the week before Tax Day last year.
  • Brands on Facebook don’t get the Picture – Photos are, by far, the type of Facebook content that draws the most engagement, so surely, brands on the social network focus on them, right? Not so much.
  • Will Facebook destroy Instagram – Instagram is a photo sharing application that makes it easy and fun to manipulate a photo with various filters and turn it into instant art. Then with a few clicks, you can share your photo with a caption via Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

More coming this week about the Facebook/instagram buyout and my newest target, CISPA! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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