How busy of a security risk is Java? How busy have I been lately? There’s a correlation between the two questions.

Many MACS I cleaned up over the last few days were infected with the Java exploit called Flashfake. 2 out of 3! That’s pretty high. Considering people who use MACS may not be as tech savvy or running any kind of anti-virus software, I was not totally surprised. In every instance the user was running OSX, not Lion.

Is your MAC infected? To find out if your computer is infected and what to do if it is, visit:

Also you can check if your infected with Flashfake by using Kaspersky Lab’s free removal tool.

Then check out the article – Are Macs safer than PCs? | Naked Security. At the end of this article you will find a very powerful, and completely free anti-virus software. Most of their developers are on twitter so help is not far away if you need it. I run this program myself and it’s well worth it.

By far, most of the infected computers are in the US – although there has been no reported malicious activity from this exploit it does have the ability to download additional components in the future and become something more. What it’s ultimately designed to do, no one knows. Best to get it out of your machine now as it doesn’t belong there and then run an Anti-Virus software to keep it out.

MAC users are no longer invincible.

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