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First Shots of the New Westbury Plaza on Long Island

Long Island is changing fast! I might have to do more postings about this… Decided to post up some pictures of the new Westbury Plaza in Westbury, Long Island. First store to open is the Container Store. It’s the first Container Store on Long Island and from what I hear, the company is very picky as to the locations they choose to setup. Next up to open in the mall is Trader Joe’s. They were not open yet at the time of this posting but they will be open in… Read More

iCal Doesn’t Sync with Google Calendar? It’s a Simple Fix

So I recently came across an issue with iCal where I couldn’t sync it with my Google Calendar. I couldn’t fix the problem on my own so I went to do a Google search on how to sync iCal with my Google calendar. Surprisingly, not much came up on a Google search on how to fix this issue. I did find a lot of other people asking the same question, “I can’t get my iCal to sync with my Google calendar” so I decided to research the issue myself to… Read More