I have been following all the latest updates from Apple’s WWDC Event this week and documenting some of them here on the blog to share with all my fellow iPhone and Apple fans. But some of my friends will not share the same enthusiasm as me over iCloud and they all have one thing in common. They’re on Verizon!

As a longtime user of the iPhone I am naturally on the AT&T network. This week I was going over where you can locate some of the many features of iCloud already available on the iPhone and I was being told they weren’t yet available on all iPhones.

Actually they are not available on Verizon iPhones!

No one knows why but iCloud is only available to phones running IOS version 4.3.3. You see, Verizon iPhone users are stuck on 4.2.8 so Verizon customers won’t be testing out iCloud anytime soon. Unless Apple gets out an update for the Verizon iPhone, Verizon’s customers will have to wait until the fall to get their first peek at iCloud.

MAC OSX Lion will be out before iCloud on Verizon iPhone?

This makes no sense. That means a MAC user using a Verizon iPhone could get their hands on the new OSX Lion in July before they see iCloud on their Verizon iPhones. That means an additional 2 months without iCloud on the device that will use it the most. You’ll be able to access iCloud from your MAC but not your Verizon iPhone. That make sense?

Same Exact Phone, basically,

The Verizon and AT&T iPhones are virtually¬†identical¬†except that Verizon’s iPhone runs over the carrier’s CDMA network, while AT&T’s uses GSM. Verizon’s model uses a Qualcomm chipset but the Verizon iPad also uses a Qualcomm chipset and that qualified for the update to iOS 4.3.

So I just don’t get why the Verizon iPhone cannot catch up with the AT&T iPhone. It’s a simple fix. There really is no reason for this. Is there?


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