Next Week Apple is set to just flat out dominate Microsoft

Apple is introducing iCloud next week. What is iCloud? Apple describes iCloud as their upcoming “cloud services offering”. It’s a pretty vague description.

But iCloud will spell big trouble for the once monopolistic company called Microsoft. Once a leader in the pre-mobile era, Microsoft can’t seem to respond to any of the products Apple is developing. iCloud is no exception.

iCloud will make Windows Obsolete

That Windows machine you may still be using is about to seem obsolete come next week when Apple releases iCloud at WWDC. I am seeing more and more people walking around with iPod touches, iPhones and iPads. These same people who love their Apple products will wonder why their iPhones, iPads and iPods sync up perfectly with iCloud while their Windows machine, the center of their computing world, will not be able to access the same features. iCloud will make these customers want to move to MACS. I wonder if this is the master plan?

iCloud – It’s a $1 Billion Dollar Server Farm in North Carolina

I think iCloud is the true game changer and I’m more interested in iCloud than anything else Apple has to announce next week. iCloud is Apple’s new datacenter. It’s a 500,000 sq ft server farm located in North Carolina that cost over 1 billion dollars to build. It’s a story I have been following since 2009. This server farm ranks as one of the worlds largest which means the possibilities are endless.

What Does Apple Plan on Doing With One of the World’s Largest Server Farms?

Apple tends to think big and plan well into the future but I do not think the full capability of this server farm will be up and running next week. Capabilities will be introduced over time. For the immediate future, rumor has it, this is where iTunes will now reside. You should be able to access all your iTunes music from the cloud. No need to carry around just part of your music collection. You will have access to everything you bought on iTunes through iCloud.

Online Backup Service?

Yes, Apple could very easily get into the online backup service business. If it was bundled into an iCloud subscription you can expect a lot of these smaller online backup companies to get an immediate hit on their bottom line. Smaller companies, like my online backup service and affiliate, BackBlaze, will be the first to get hit. If I have a backup with Apple I would not be paying extra money to my current online backup provider.

Many of these smaller backup companies have stopped offering unlimited backups, it’s just too expensive. Music takes up a lot of space in a backup. Apple can get around this by not backing up your music and just letting you access your purchased music library in the cloud. No need for constant uploading and downloading of files which is the way a traditional online backup works.

iCloud could be integrated with Time Capsule

Yes, rumor has it that Time Capsule is being phased out for an upgraded one. Apple’s Time Capsule is a wireless Router with an integrated hard drive for backups. The new Time Capsule may have the ability to sync your physical backup in your home to the backup you have at Apple’s server farm – iCloud.

Updates for all your IOS devices could also be pushed out over time capsule eliminated the need for a 3G network connection. This would also have the added benefit of taking traffic off AT+T and Verizon’s networks resulting in better phone quality. It also allows Apple to ultimately offer the iPhone line to all carriers without updates being tethered to their networks.

I call this checkmate. Your Microsoft Windows based machine as the center of your network surrounded by Apple products just won’t cut it. Not with iCloud.


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