I purchased and went over the “Essential Long Island” iPhone app last year so when the apps author notified me that there was a free upgrade I had to check it out to see if a Long Island local like myself would find something new to do. I did. I’m impressed. Here’s my review..

The very first screen, the screenshot here shows, is a great start to already great app. All apps should have a similar “Quick Tutorial” and the blackboard font is a nice touch.

New Editions:

I’m sure I won’t catch all the new editions on the app but these, to me,  stood out as new from the last edition…

  • Governors Comedy Club – Every native Long Islander knows the Governors Comedy club. Up and coming comedians working for a living. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Green River CemeteryThis is a little known hidden gem. A cemetery for artists, most notably Jackson Pollack. The app goes into detail behind the cemetery’s history. I will be checking this out especially since this is free.
  • Hampton Jitney – the only way to get to the Hamptons since traffic on the weekends is a nightmare!
  • Islanders Hockey – There is the possibility the Islanders may not be playing on Long Island in a few years so check them out now while you can.
  • Long Island Ducks – Long Islands own Minor League Ballclub (Besides the Mets ;) Definitely a great event to take the family too and reasonably priced too!
  • Oils City Skate Park – I have to try this myself! Ok, maybe not. I’ll probably get hurt but if you have family members into the boarding scene, this is the largest half pipe ramp on Long Island.
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial – I have only been here once my entire time living on the Island. It’s a very local attraction that may be Suffolk County’s best kept secret. NYC dwellers don’t get here too much but it’s definitely worth a visit.
My Favorite Newest Edition to “Essential Long Island”

The Apps Author pointed out one of my favorite additions to the App, the Allegria Hotel’s rooftop pool and lounge. You’ll find this little feature listed under the “Allegria Hotel & Spa” destination.

If you live anywhere in the tri-State area this is a great quick vacation. The Allegria Hotel is right on the Long Beach Boardwalk and just down the block from the LIRR (Long Island Railroad).

You can take a train from Penn Station straight to Long Beach, you won’t need to rent a car and you’ll have access to Long Beach, the Boardwalk, dozens and dozens of small restaurants within walking distance just like you would find in Manhattan and now you have a rooftop pool, lounge and bar with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. Come on guys, romantic getaway. hint, hint… ;)

I”ve added this as a “to do” on foursquare for this summer. If you’re in the area check this out and check out the “Essential Long Island” iPhone app. There’s definitely something for everyone, even the really local locals like myself. :)

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