This years #140Conference in NYC was an eye opener. For decades and possibly forever the News industry has had little to no competition. Reporters today though have struggled to accept that they are now competing with the average person to report the news which makes their voices so much smaller.

At this years conference I enjoyed the talks by Ann Curry (@AnnCurry) – Cohost of NBC’s Today Show and host of Dateline NBC and also Jeff Jarvis (@jeffjarvis) – Author & Professor, both of who are involved in old media but now embrace social media whole-heartedly.

I especially enjoyed Jeff Jarvis’s presentation where he realized now that he no longer was the only one on the soapbox broadcasting the news. Everyone now had this ability, just faster. It’s the realization that everyone can now report the news but someone else will always be in the right place at the right time to do it. It doesn’t mean the death of the reporter but it does mean the internet has fundamentally and forever changed the way reporting is now done. The internet has done this to many industries, the news industry is no exception.

Many old school reporters are just now accepting that the internet has changed their industry as it has many others. So many old school reporters still cannot accept these changes but for the few that have, like an Anne Curry and a Jeff Jarvis, they move to the forefront to lead a new generation of reporters on how to accept and use social media throughout their reporting careers. The rest of the old school reporters who got on board late accepting social media have become irrelevant.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media or even any of the newest social media platforms. Platforms may rise and fall but people are naturally social and need connections. Social Media is filling that need which means it’s here to stay. :)

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