So here they are, two of my favorite iPhone tweaks.


I’m not crazy about drastically changing up my iPhone to the point where it hardly resembles an Apple product but these two tweaks will add speed and battery life. And yes, it’s all done on my new toy, the White (Jail-broken) iPhone running 4.3.3. ;)

Speedintensifier – this little tweak tricks your iPhone into thinking it’s plugged into an electrical outlet and therefore turns off the battery saving settings. Yes, you will always sacrifice battery life for speed so Apple has locked the settings of your phone  to maximize battery life. This tweak allows you to get around Apple’s limitations and let’s you decide how fast your phone should be. The next tweak will get you back all that battery life and then some…

Auto-Location –  a little tweak that automatically turns your location services on and off based on usage. Most of your apps that are recently closed may be running their location services in the background and robbing your phone of battery life. This little tweak will help you make up for the battery life you will lose when using speed intensifier.

So those are the only two Jailbroken tweaks I will recommend at this point to get more speed and increase the battery life of your phone. If you have any other tweaks along these lines, drop them in the comments below. Enjoy!


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