As I approach a small personal milestone on twitter, 1000 followers, I am left to ponder what is the meaning of this accomplishment?

What does it mean to have 1000 followers? Who is actually listening to you? Because you know it’s not all 1000 people.

Here is my special formula for figuring your tweet investment.

I call this the my “ROTI” or “Return On Tweet Investment“.

Make a private list of twitter followers you actually know or who you’ve gotten to know on twitter. I call it “My Peeps” list. Take your total followers number and divide it by the number of followers on your “My Peeps” list.

For example, if you have 1000 followers and you have made friends with 35 of them the formula works out as 1000/35 = 28.57. Very simple formula. You make almost 3 friends for every 100 followers. Get 10,000 followers and you’ve probably made 288 new friends along the way. I’ll let you know if the formula holds true when I hit 10,000 followers.

What Are You Babbling About?

I think what I am trying to say is persistence is key to using twitter and I am trying to put a number to this theory. You will have a core group of people that you will interact with and others that just follow you hoping for a follow back looking to boost their follower numbers. You will know these other people because they auto DM you when you follow them. I despise auto-DM’s. ;)

Should I follow everyone that follows me?

Go ahead. Follow everyone who follows you. You never know when you’ll make a new friend. Just use a tool to weed them out when they unfollow you. Yes, many twitter accounts out there will follow you and then a few weeks later will unfollow you to boost their twitter follower numbers. Cut them off quick.

Here are some tools to help you: – free tool to help you identify who unfollows you so you can unfollow them back

Twitter Karma – another free and simple tool to help you manage your followers and drop people who no longer follow you.

My Advice: Be Persistent and Consistent on twitter. You never know what connections you’ll make. :)


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