So, this week was an interesting week. There was lot’s going on surrounding security in the tech world and I had to go back and review a few blogging platforms that I’ve tested in the past. You can review my security roundup here… but this past week I spent some time on Tumblr…

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a micoblogging platform that has been around since 2007.

I’ve had my account for quite a while but the service hadn’t grown enough for me to consider using it seriously. I took another look at the Tumblr service this week to see if the platform had developed enough to use as an alternative to my curent blogging platform.

lately I have been noticing more and more early adopters of Social Media using the Tumblr service but they’re still not sticking with it, they come back and revisit it once in a while like myself. I like the Tumblr service but I’m still not impressed with the fact that you need significant coding experience to personalize your tumblr page not to mention there are very few plugins for tumblr. I like to customize.

Of course Tumblr has a solution to that and that’s how they generate revenue.

Premium Themes

The easiest way to personalize your Tumblr page quickly is by buying themes which cost anywhere between $9 – $49 from a theme developer. The process is a 1 click install that requires no coding experience at all. You do not get access to the HTML coding when purchasing a theme which is a good idea since messing with a themes HTML could render your webpage useless. These themes also include many popular plugins, so if you want ease of use with no coding experience a premium Tumblr theme may be the way you go.

But getting back to people like myself, even with some coding experience I still had trouble getting the facebook like buttons to work on my Tumblr page and every change you make seems to erase custom changes you made earlier. For some reason I had to re-upload my header after every coding change. Very inconvenient.

Tumblr iPhone App

I was very impressed with Tumblr’s iPhone app and the ease of use of the app. It’s also free! I included a screenshot of my tumblr page as shown on my mobile Safari browser. Tumblr also automatically optimizes your Tumblr page for mobile browsers.

As of yet I’m not recommending Tumblr as the easy to use alternative to WordPress, but I may change my opinion when I test out a purchased theme. There are many to choose from and I will highlight a really good theme developer here…

As of now, I still think is still the best way to go for newbies interested in blogging. The official WordPress iPhone App does not have the look and feel of the Tumblr iPhone App. That being said, the person who codes an iPhone app to do what the Tumblr App can do may make a ton of money. Just sayin…

Tumblr is completely free to use so feel free to explore the service yourself. My tumblr page is here… ;)


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